PhoneDog Web Services

Welcome to the PhoneDog Web Services (PWS) resource center.

Getting started?

In order to access PWS please email us at  Once your registration is completed, you will be issued an AgentId and ApiKey which will allow you access to all functionality of the PWS.

If you're an existing PhoneDog affiliate, simply log into your account and accept the new terms of use to receive your ApiKey.

What data is available?

Through PWS, you can access:

  • PhoneDog's entire device catalog, including specs, descriptions, images, user ratings and more..
  • Carrier rate plan pricing, features, and associations
  • Device and plan associations
  • Location data
  • Complete in-depth expert phone reviews

Why use PWS?

PWS offers the most complete catalog of continually updated cellular data available anywhere.  The information can be utilized in a variety of applications to create a new, or round-out an existing cellular database.  A wide variety of benefits are realized by utilizing PWS including:

  1. Web publishers can obtain all relevant data without the need for internal resources needed to aggregate information.
  2. Obtain cellular rate plans and product descriptions, specifications, news, images, user reviews, prices and merchant availability from one source.
  3. We continually aggregate information and update our cellular content accordingly.


What are the practical requirements to use PWS?

The main requirement to use PWS is quite simple…

  1. You agree to remove all PWS obtained data from your site if either party decides to end our affiliation.  See the full Terms of use here.